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Social Media

Social Media

Everyone is being told “you need to be on Facebook”.  Well we don’t agree.

We look at each of our clients businesses and advise which platform, if any, is best for them.  It may sound odd that a social media company would advise someone not to do Facebook, but we do, all the time!  If social media is not right for your company, we’ll tell you.

But if it IS right for you, we’re here to help!  We’ll assess your needs then let you know how we can be your “social media virtual assistant”.

We build communities who love your brand, increase word of mouth, boost search results – all translating into traffic to your website. We cover blogs, Twitter,  Facebook and Pinterest, so we can advise on the best ways to get involved in the right conversations, build a loyal network of followers and fans, whilst guaranteeing the message of your brand is at the heart of everything.

121 Training

Sometimes a client wants to use social media but does not know how.  We offer a cost effective way to learn Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest effectively for business.

There are many companies who decide to let the ‘office junior’ look after their social media as they say “Well they’re always on Facebook”.  Knowing how to use Facebook to manage your social life is very different to using social media for growing your business.

We say that the best person to run the company Facebook page is the Managing Director as they know most about the company, although they often have very little time!

Book Rainbow 360 Media to come to your office and train whichever member of staff you choose to run the accounts and we’ll show them how.

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